Water, Gold and Obscurity: British Columbia’s Bullion Pit


  • Peter R. Mulvihill
  • William R. Morrison
  • Sherry MacIntyre

Author Biographies

Peter R. Mulvihill

Peter Mulvihill is an Associate Professor in Environmental Studies at York University.
He taught at the University of Northern British Columbia from 1999-2001. His
research interests include environmental assessment, environmental history and
the Canadian North.

William R. Morrison

William R. Morrison holds degrees from McMaster University and the University
of Western Ontario. He is author and co-author of twelve books, and has taught
History at Brandon University, Lakehead University, the University of Northern
British Columbia, the University of Victoria, and Duke University.

Sherry MacIntyre

Sherry MacIntyre is a graduate of the University of Northern British Columbia, in
Environmental Studies.






Contributions to Understanding the North