Introduction. Northern Inequalities: Global Processes, Local Legacies


  • Andrew P. Hodgkins
  • Barret Weber



The Northern Review 42 (2016): 1–6

Against the backdrop of rising interest in global inequalities, this special issue of the Northern Review focuses on “northern inequalities,” and attempts to document a range of issues and debates about social, spatial, political, and economic inequality occurring in the Canadian Arctic and Subarctic regions. We understand inequality broadly to encompass differential access to education, training, and employment; differences in the distribution of wealth within and between communities; differences in social and political representation; as well as differences in health as it relates to environmental pollution, intergenerational trauma, subsistence hunting, and food security. ... ... 

Author Biographies

Andrew P. Hodgkins

Adjunct Professor, Department of Educational Policy Studies, University of Alberta; Co-Investigator, Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic (ReSDA) Network.

Barret Weber

Ph.D. (2013) Department of Sociology, University of Alberta; former sessional sociology instructor at the University of Alberta and research manager with the Parkland Institute; currently serves as a researcher for the Alberta progressive community working towards social justice






Northern Inequalities: Global Processes, Local Legacies

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