Property Ownership in North Dawson City During the Klondike Gold Rush


  • Michael Brand University of Toronto at Mississauga


This article examines the development of Dawson City during and immediately after the Klondike Gold Rush.    The focus is on a series of cabin platforms recorded during archaeological survey on the hillside in north Dawson City.  Property ownership information collected from the Yukon Archives and Whitehorse Land Titles Office is used to compare lots on the hillside with those in the level portion of the Government Addition, and this is used to identify the owners of lots containing cabin platforms. The results indicate that hillside lots were less desirable than lots in the level portion of the community. Hillside blocks witnessed lower levels of construction during the gold rush, very few were subdivided, property values were lower, and more lots remained in government ownership up to 1903. Evidence suggests that very few identified owners of hillside lots with cabin platforms actually lived on their property.






Northern Scholarship