Ethnological Expertise in Yakutia: Regional Experience of Legal Regulation and Enforcement


  • Anatoly Sleptsov North Eastern Federal University of Yakutsk, Russia


This paper analyzes the peculiarities of formation of Russian regional legislation relating to Indigenous small-numbered peoples of the Russian North, Siberia, and Far East. The experience of legal regulation concerning the state ethnological expertise (ethnological expert reviews) of the places of traditional residence and economic activity of Indigenous peoples is considered. The paper is part of a special collection of brief discussion papers presented at the 2014 Walleye Seminar, held in Northern Saskatchewan, which explored consultation and engagement with northern communities and stakeholders in resource development.

Author Biography

Anatoly Sleptsov, North Eastern Federal University of Yakutsk, Russia

Associate professor and Head of the Centre of Legal Studies of Sustainable Development in the Arctic and Small-Numbered Indigenous Peoples of the North






Consultation and Resource Development in Northern Communities: Russia, Scandinavia & Canada