Political-Economic Indicators for Self-Sustainability in Greenland


  • Christian Wennecke Greenland Business A/S


Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Political-Economic Indicators


The Northern Review 45 (2017): 93–111

This article contributes to policy learning in Greenland by linking entrepreneurship and innovation system theory to recent and former attempts at creating political-economic indicators. The article shows how working methods have developed within the Greenland government where evidence-based governance is becoming more commonly used. The main findings indicate that the overall political objective of creating a self-sustaining economy is not possible in the short run, but is a politically meaningful overall goal. Existing measurements and indicators have been important instruments in developing an understanding of the connectedness of elements in the innovation system. Measurements and indicators could still be developed further, especially by extending with more individual level data that can be analyzed within the context of institutional level data. Also, the natural resource sectors need to be thought about in connection to other industries and the competencies of the population in order to avoid a resource curse. This could very well be done in a cross-sectional innovation policy, perhaps including an indicator for ”self-sustainability,” and combined with measuring the actual development in comparison with the set goals.

Author Biography

Christian Wennecke, Greenland Business A/S

Independent Researcher & Special Advisor






Innovation in the Circumpolar North