University Education in Northern Manitoba: Inter Universities Services at 50


  • Dan Smith PhD, University College of the North



Post-Secondary Education in the Canadian North, University Education, Northern Manitoba, Collaboration, Provincial North


This article first published advance online January 31, 2024

The long pursuit of university education in northern Canada has seen a variety of methods used to deliver higher education to northerners. One such approach, Inter Universities Services (IUS), has been supporting university course delivery in northern Manitoba since 1972-73. This article argues that IUS has evolved progressively over its fifty years from an initiative offering a disjointed set of university course options to become part of a coordinated, if unplanned, approach to university education in northern Manitoba. This article outlines the history of IUS, including origins, structure, issues, and key events, before looking to the future. Conclusions suggest that IUS has been central to the growth and stability of higher education in northern Manitoba.





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