Rethinking the Community of the Provincial North: Building Communities From the Inside Out


  • Robert Robson Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario


Community economic development, in the context of the Aboriginal community, is both culturally grounded and strength based. It honours the values, the traditions, the language and the Indigenous knowledge of the community and builds upon the human, social, cultural, and natural strengths of the community. It is asset-based community development, but asset-based community development that is culturally centred, value based, people oriented, and holistic in application. Founded on the seven sacred teachings, this culturally grounded, community economic development speaks to the capacity for caring, the maintenance of integrity, the generosity of sharing, the strength of character, the courage of conviction, the respect for knowledge, and the gift of vision, and, finally, humility in all things.

Author Biography

Robert Robson, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Associate Professor, Department of Indigenous Learning, Lakehead University






Political and Economic Change in Canada's Provincial Norths