Collecting Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) Badges and Medals Related to the Yukon During the First World War


  • Timothy J. Popp


Militaria, First World War, Badges, Medals, George Black, Lyman Black, Joe Boyle, CEF, Yukon


The Northern Review 44 (2017): 163–208

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I have been collecting Canadian militaria since the early 1970s. I now believe I have collected every known military badge associated with Yukon Territory military units. These include the Yukon Field Force (1898); the Dawson Rifles of Canada (1900); Boyle’s Yukon Machine Gun Detachment (1914)—whose regimental badge was created by Jacoby Brothers in Vancouver; the Yukon Motor Machine Gun Battery (1915)—whose badges were created in England by Gaunt and Sons of London; the Yukon Infantry Company (1916)—whose unique badges were created by Jacoby and included a miniature miner’s gold pan complete with a gold nugget at the base of the pan; the Pacific Coast Militia Rangers (1942); and the Yukon Regiment (1962). In my collection I also have examples of all medals that were awarded to Yukon residents. This paper presents an overview of the badges that were worn on the uniforms worn by the military units that were raised in the Yukon for service with the Canadian Expeditionary Force. These badges are considered very rare to military CEF collectors, and seldom offered through an auction. The second part of the papers covers the medals awarded to Yukon men who served in these units and, in particular, the many awards bestowed on Lt. Col. Joe Boyle. Military memorabilia is very important in the remembrance of the soldiers who represented the Yukon Territory during the First World War. Along with a military file, the badges and medals worn by soldiers are a true connection with the past. This article is part of a special collection of papers originally presented at a conference on “The North and the First World War,” held May 2016 in Whitehorse, Yukon.


Author Biography

Timothy J. Popp

independent historian affiliated with the Military Collectors Club of Canada and the Order and Medals Research Society; he is advisory committee vice-chairman for the Fred Light Museum in Battleford, Saskatchewan.






The North and the First World War