Yukon Bioregions


  • Amber Church Whitehorse, Yukon


When we look at territorial and provincial boundaries on a map, they allude to a homogeneity of landscape that doesn’t reflect the true reality on the ground. Yukon is incredibly diverse, and the closer the lens you look through (ecoregion, ecodistrict, etc.) the greater that diversity becomes, and with it the greater the urgency to protect these landscapes.
Date: 2021
Medium: Ink, watercolour, acrylic and foam core on a wood panel
Dimensions: 24” x 30”

Author Biography

Amber Church, Whitehorse, Yukon

Amber is a mixed media artist and painter who has called Yukon home for most of her life.  She draws inspiration for her work from the natural world, social justice and environmental movements, history, mythology and fairy tales.  She has exhibited at the Great Northern Arts Festival, Yukon Arts Centre, Arts Underground, Yukon Artists @ Work, Gallery 22, Rah Rah Gallery, the Hilltop Bistro at Yukon College and Baked Café.

She has been honoured to have her work featured twice on the Northwestel Yukon and Northern British Columbia phone directory (in 2012 and 2021), on the 2017 Celebration of Swans poster and on the 2020 Yukon Tourism banners. Her piece, Raven and Wolf, won the Aasman Public Choice Award for the 2015 Whitehorse Plein Air Festival. In 2016 she won the Advanced Artist Award from Yukon Government. Her work has been featured in Altered Couture, Green Craft, Muse and Mingle Magazines, along with the books Craftivism; The Art and Craft of Activism by Betsy Greer and Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti: Tenth Anniversary Edition by Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain.

When she isn’t working in her studio she can be found trying to save the world; haunting the backstage of theatres, or playing outside with her amazing daughter, husband and puppy.  Although her past has taken her from United Nations Climate Change negotiations, to skiing and snowboarding course crews for the Olympics, and to teaching in Antarctica, she finds herself most content when she is mucking about with paints in a bit of sunshine.






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