A Comparison of North-South and West-East Differences in Political Attitudes in Canada


  • Boris DeWiel


Using data from the 2000 Canadian Election Study, this paper compares
diff erences in political values and attitudes from west to east with correspon
ding diff erences from north to south. On social issues, the West is not
gen erally more traditional or conservative than the East, but the North
is some what more conservative than the South. On economic issues, the
West is somewhat more libertarian than the East, while the North does
not diff er much from the South. In attitudes toward Ottawa, the North
shows greater signs of alienation than the West.

Author Biography

Boris DeWiel

Boris DeWiel <dewielb@unbc.ca> is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at
the University of Northern British Columbia. He is the author of Democracy: A History
of Ideas (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2000).






Special Collection: Governance in the Provincial Norths