• Northern Review 51 Cover Yukon Ecoregions by Amber Church No 51 (2021)

    General Issue

    Cover: Yukon Ecoregions | Amber Church www.amberchurchart.com

    Includes articles first published advance online May 25, 2021

  • The Northern Review 50 Cover Trees II by Martha Jane Ritchie No 50 (2020)

    Special Issue: Law in the Canadian North
    Guest Editors 
    Chief Justice Ron Veale, Justice Suzanne Duncan, Ken Coates, Bruce Warnsby, Andrea Bailey (ex officio)

    This publication is funded in part by the Law Society of Yukon.

    Cover: Trees II, Martha Jane Ritchie, Haines Junction, Yukon

  • Northern Review 49 Cover Photo Sunrise on the Porcupine River (Ch'oodeenjik), Yukon, as we head out in our boat to hunt moose (dinjik) by Paul Josie No 49 (2020)

    Includes Special Collection: Place-Based Sustainability Research in the Provincial North
    Special Collection Guest Editors: Rebecca Schiff, Charles Levkoe & Lindsay Galway, Lakehead University

    Cover: Sunrise on the Porcupine River (Ch'oodeenjik), Yukon, as we head out in our boat to hunt moose (dinjik) | Paul Josie josiesoldcrowadventures.com

    Includes articles first published advance online between Sep 2019 and Jan 2020 

  • The Northern Review 48 | 2018 | Cover No 48 (2018)

    General Issue

    Cover:  High Altitude e-Scape | Leslie Leong leslieleong.com


  • The Northern Review 47 Cover painting My dad and our dog team by Dennis Shorty No 47 (2018)

    Special Issue: Dealing with Resource Development in Canada's North
    Guest editor: Chris Southcott, Lakehead University
    Research from the Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic (ReSDA) project.

    Cover: My dad and our dog team | Dennis Shorty
    My dad and my mom were famous for dog mushing; this was our vehicle for the winter.
    Dennis Shorty Fine Art

  • Northern Review 46 Cover | Lara Melnik artist No 46 (2017)

    Special Issue: Northern Literature
    Poetry, Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction from the Yukon, Alaska, Northwest Territories, and Norway
    Guest editors: Maureen Long, Eric Heyne, Andrew Richardson & Jamella Hagen

    Cover: un petit bouchon by Lara Melnik | polymer clay | www.laramelnik.com

  • No 45 (2017)

    Special Collection: Innovation in the Circumpolar North
    Guest Editor: Heather Hall, University of Waterloo

    The articles in this special collection were originally presented at a workshop organized by the University of the Arctic’s Thematic Network on the Commercialization of Science and Technology for the North, held at Yukon College, Whitehorse, in November 2015.

    Cover: Icefield Discovery Camp, in the shadow of Mt. Logan, Kluane National Park, Yukon | Photo Jennifer Eakins

  • No 44 (2017)

    Special Issue: The North and the First World War
    Guest editors: Brent Slobodin and Ken Coates
    This issue funded in part by Veterans Affairs Canada and by the Yukon Historical and Museums Association

    Cover: A large crowd greets Captain Geoerge Black, Commissioner of the Yukon, when he returns to Dawson City, 8 June 1916 | Gates Collection

  • The Northern Review 43 Cover art  Tagé Cho Big River by Lianne Marie Leda Charlie No 43 (2016)

    Special Collection: Nursing Education in the Circumpolar North
    Guest editor: Heather Exner-Pirot, Coordinator, University of the Arctic Thematic Network on Northern Nursing Education

    Cover: Tagé Cho | Big River. Lianne Marie Leda Charlie

  • Northern Review 42 Cover photo Women's Mitts sewn by Mrs. Annie Smith No 42 (2016)

    Includes Special Collection: Northern Inequalities - Global Processes, Local Legacies
    Special Collection Guest editors: Andrew Hodgkins and Barret Weber

    Cover: Women's Mitts | Mrs. Annie Smith


  • Northern Review 41 Cover photo Koidern, Yukon by Syd Cannings No 41 (2015)

    Special Issue: Resources and Sustainable Development in the Arctic
    Guest Editor: Chris Southcott
    More about the ReSDA research network

    Cover: Koidern, Yukon | Photo Syd Cannings

  • The Northern Review 40 | 2015 No 40 (2015)

    General Issue 
    including Yukon College Editorial | Poised for the Next Step: University, by Karen Barnes & Amanda Graham

    Cover: Detail from "Whitehorse to Inuvik, #17" from the series Get There From Here, by Nicole Bauberger

  • The Northern Review 39 | 2015 No 39 (2015)

    Special issue: Consultation and Resource Development in Northern Communities: Russia, Scandinavia & Canada
    Guest editor: Greg Poelzer, University of Saskatchewan
    Cover: The Face of Force | Owen Munroe

    These discussion papers were originally presented at the 2014 Walleye Seminar, organized by the International Centre for Northern Governance and Development and held in Northern Saskatchewan. They are available in English and Russian.

    статьи доступны на английском и русском языках. смотрите ниже.

  • The Northern Review 38 Cover painting Wild Crocuses, First Kiss of Spring by Daphne Mennell No 38 (2014)

    Special Collection: Political and Economic Change in Canada's Provincial North
    Guest Editors: Greg Poelzer and Ken Coates
    Cover: Wild Crocuses, First Kiss of Spring | Daphne Mennell 

  • Number 37 Cover Art: Ben-My-Chree Gardens by Stephanie Ryan No 37 (2013)

    Special collection | The Arctic Council, the EU, and Polar Politics: Canada, France, Germany, Russia & the UK
    Guest editor: Frances Abele, Carleton University
    Cover: Ben-My-Chree Gardens | Stephanie Ryan

  • Front Cover, Number 36 (Hidden Valley School Mural) No 36 (2012)

    General issue
    Cover: Hidden Valley School Mural | Students & Staff of Hidden Valley School, Yukon

  • No 35 (2012)

    Special collection: Travel and Tourism in the Circumpolar North
    Guest editor: Suzanne de la Barre, Umea University, Sweden

    Cover: Greenland postage stamp from Cultural Heritage Series, 2000, artist Anne-Birthe Hove

  • No 34 (2011)

    General issue

    Cover: Finlayson Lake, Yukon. Photo Lee Carruthers

  • Northern Review 33 Cover No 33 (2011)

    Special issue: Canada's Role in the Circumpolar World
    Guest editor: Greg Poelzer
    Cover: Joyce Majiski

  • No 32 (2010)

    General issue

    Cover: Battle Harbour, Labrador. Photo Michael Conzen

  • No 31 (2009)

    Special Issue: Northern Literature

    Guest editor: Eric Heyne, University of Alaska Fairbanks

  • No 30 (2009)

    Includes special collection of articles exploring the social economy of northern Canada. This issue was partially funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada through the Social Economy Research Network of Northern Canada.

  • No 29 (2008)

    Special Issue. The Northern Research Institute: Fifteen Years of Building Yukon Research Capacity

  • No 28 (2008)

    This issue includes a special collection of articles exploring Rapid Landscape Change & Human Response in the Arctic & Subarctic

  • No 27 (2007)

    Festscrift in Honour of Aron Senkpiel. This issues includes articles on post-secondary education in the Circumpolar North, Aron's contributions to education in the North, and North-centred scholarship.

  • Summer 2005
    No 25/26
    Special collection: Governance in the Provincial Norths
  • Winter 2001
    No 24

    "Uncertain Future, Deliberate Action." Proceedings of the Circumpolar Climate Change Summit. Whitehorse, Yukon, 19-21 March 2001

  • Summer 2001
    No 23

    A special theme issue discussing aspects of the relationships between northern communities and the state, guest edited by
    Jonathan Anderson and Tamara Kotar

  • Winter 2000
    No 22
    Proceedings of the Circumpolar Women's Conference "Different Lives, Common Threads," Whitehorse, Yukon, 18-20 November 1999 & The North Colloquium, Edmonton, Alberta, May 2000
  • Winter 1998
    No 19
    Special Klondike Issue. Guest edited by Colin M. Coates and Ken Coates
  • Winter 1996
    No 17
    Special Issue: Landscape Writing Landscape
  • Summer 1995
    No 14
    Cover: Turak Newman, photo by David Paul Nelson, Staff Photographer, Alaska and Polar Regions Department, Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, University of Alaska Fairbanks, n.d.
  • Summer 1994/Winter 1994
    No 12/13
    Northern Education Issue
  • Summer 1991
    No 7
    Rural and Northern Social Work
  • Summer 1990
    No 5
    Special Issue: Devolution in the North
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