Eddie With FAS: Getting What He Needs in a Remote Alaskan Community


  • Maureen F. Harwood
  • Judith Smilg Kleinfeld University of Alaska Fairbanks

Author Biographies

Maureen F. Harwood

Maureen Harwood received her Master's degree from the University of Alaska
Fair banks in 2002. The focus of her studies was people with FAS and their needs
within Alaska's criminal justice system. She is a long-time advocate of Alaskans
with FAS. She currently works for the State of Alaska's Developmental Disabilities
Pro gram. Eddie is one of her heroes.

Judith Smilg Kleinfeld, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Judith Smilg Kleinfeld is professor of psychology
at the Uni versity of Alaska Fairbanks and Director of the Northern Studies
Program. She has pioneered "wisdom of practice" studies in how to parent, teach,
and counsel young people with fetal alcohol syndrome. Her books include Fantastic
Antone Succeeds and Fantastic Antone Grows Up.






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